E-Brake Lowering Bracket Installation Instructions

These directions are specifically for 2007 - Current Mercedes Sprinter w/ Manual E-Brake.

1. Remove the plastic e-brake cover by gently pully towards the inside and rear of the vehicle.

2. Use a 17mm wrench to remove the two bolts from the e-brake handle.

3. Use the provided 1.5 x 20mm bolts to attach the new bracket. Be sure that the weld nuts are on the bottom and facing towards the e-brake handle. Tighten to 35 ft. lbs.

4. Trim the lower portion of the plastic cover so that the plastic will clear the floor once the handle is lowered. Also trim the upper portion of the cover where it passes over the new e-brake bracket.

5. Reuse the factory hardware to reattach the e-brake handle to the new bracket. Tighten all hardware to 35 ft. lbs. You may need to push some excess brake cable down through the floor to lower the handle enough. Be careful not to dislodge the grommet in the floor. Applying a little grease to the cable housing can assist.

6. Reinstall the trimmed plastic e-brake cover and test the pull and release of the e-brake.