Please thoroughly read all relevant FAQ's and Instructions.

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We are an extremely small operation and have limited phone support capabilities. You may reach us at 866-ALP-MECH (866-257-6324) Please allow for up to 24 hours for us to return your call.


Can I swivel my seats with the doors closed?

  • Yes, the pivot location for the swivels is offset to the center and rear of the vehicle enabling the swivel to rotate without opening either door.

What is the order fulfillment time?

  • We are a small family owned shop who refuse to sacrifice quality, depending on our current order volume so please allow for up to 3 to 5 business days for your swivels to ship.

Do Alpine Mechanisms seat swivels work with Electric Seats?
  • For the Mercedes Sprinter, absolutely. For 2019 and newer vans with electric seats the seat must be moved for and aft using the electric motor to gain access to all the hardware. Specific information is included in the installation instructions.
  • The current Ford Transit seat swivels do not work with powered/electric seats without the use of additional spacers that allow the drive motor assembly to clear the swivel hardware. 

Are Alpine Mechanisms seat swivels DOT rated?
  • No they are not DOT Rated. While Alpine Mechanisms strives to build the best quality product possible the swivels have not been DOT rated. They are built with 3/16th US made steel and are overbuilt with safety in mind. With that being said they are no different than the bed platform or kitchen cabinets that are commonly installed in adventure vans.

Do Alpine Mechanisms seat swivels work with Air Ride and Suspension seats?
  • Unfortunately they do not.

Do Alpine Mechanisms seat swivels work with aftermarket seats?
  • They pair well with Scheel-Mann seats but we cannot guarantee compatibility with other brands.

Why are Alpine Mechanisms seat swivels so expensive?
  • Alpine Mechanisms seat swivels are handmade right here in Colorado using US sourced materials. We strive to keep production local, quality first and never cut corners. 

Does the locking pin need to be in the locked position while driving?
  • Yes. For safety sake Alpine Mechanisms recommends always having the seats facing forwards (driving position) and the pin in its locking position anytime the  vehicle is in motion.

Can I still install a heater under the passenger seat with the swivel installed?
  • Yes. The swivel does not intrude into the base any more than the stock seat and foam base cover. You can still use the passenger base as you would have without the swivel, however, the swivel will make it more difficult to access the inside of the seat bases once installed.

Will I need to trim the plastic on the seat base?
  • The plastic trim on both sides of the seats on vehicles 2007 through 2018 need to be trimmed in order for the seat swivels to function properly. Specific details are included in the installation instructions.

Do I need to disconnect the battery before installation?
  • Yes, Specific details are included in the installation instructions.

Does the e-brake need adjustment after the e-brake bracket is installed?
  • No. The e-brake cable is contained in a closed e-brake housing. You may need to guide the cable and housing under the van for ideal placement but no adjustments in length are needed. There are tips for the e-brake lowering bracket in the installation instructions.

What is the warranty?

  • We offer a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser of our swivels but quite honestly they are completely overbuilt and we have never had a single issue that required a warranty.

What is your return policy?

  • We accept returns of uninstalled swivels in the original box. We charge a 20% restocking fee and the shipping is the responsibility of the customer.